A Word to Ponder
Delivered By
Pastor Dave
Delivered On
April 19, 2020

Here's truth ------God used plagues to deliver the enslaved Jews from their Egyptian overlords. (Exodus 9:8-11).

And we know thru His word that God will also pour out plagues during the Tribulation to bring God-rejecters to faith in Christ.
The way coronavirus spreads quickly from person to person is a foreshadowing of the way God will pronounce judgment in Revelation.
Revelation 9:15-19
“By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed, by the fire and smoke and sulfur coming out of their mouths. The rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent.”
So -- How does God accomplish His purpose in our day? Through Jesus’ death and resurrection.
Isaiah 53 tells us Christ bore our sins and diseases on the cross. We receive grace and not judgment when we believe in Him.
I believe God is allowing the Corona-virus to Plague our world cause we have lost our first Love.
Jesus had come and resurrected to bring life and the way to live life. His Word was written as a map to live our life by.
But we are allowing the Word to be turned around.
Listen I love my Brother and Sisters and Friends in Christ. If people chose to live away from what God has said, then its on them.
But then when we allow sin in our Pulpit -- in our Churches - when we go against God, then we are no different. Things will happen. Pray that we Christians will take a stand for God. His Word is complete and is not to be twisted turned around.
I am a Pastor and I don't believe in what our Country and our communities are allowing -- Please stand with me in Prayer and ask God for Strength to defeat this New Age this new change in belief and go back to the true meaning of what God's word is saying and to stand firm with His word. Thank You and God Bless.
"P.S. Will you take a stand for Christ"

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