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Parenthood & Church

A recent survet by the Barna Group shows that well over on-third of parents say that having childern has influenced them to reconnct or become more involved in church.

50% No Influence having kids did not change involvement
20% More Active increased already active involvement
17% Reconnected began attending church again
  5% New Commintment active in church for the first time
  4% Less Active became less involved in church.

comment posted by Theresa Manley on 03-26-2014
I feel it is our duties as parents as well as Grandparents to make the decision to keep our children in church. Today, I often hear that the parents do not want to make there children attend against there will. I have to say this, it is the will of our Father in heaven for all to be in church, worshipping, just as His son did when He walked upon this land. Please see to it that your child gets a spiritual education. It will be easier on them and you while they are getting worldly educated.
comment posted by Mischeal on 02-09-2012
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