Thank You Dollar General


The First Baptist Church of New Baden, would like to thank Kim Rickert and crew for the 150.00 they had received from the New Baden Chilli Cookout. Their Donation towards our Food Drive is very much appreciated, We have our Food Drive on The first Wednesday of every month from 11am untill we run out. Not only the donation of the money, but they also give food and Milk towards our Food Pantry weekly. Thanks also for Dollar General in Trenton and Ofallon as well. Thank you all very much for helping us to be able to help others 

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Church Service 11am - 12pm

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Sunday School 10am - 11am

Bible Study  Wednesday 5pm -- 6pm

Food Drive

Food Drive 1st Wednesday of every month

11am - 5pm Or until Food runs out


Please know that I am also using Pastor Dave Manley Facebook page for sermons.

Food Pantry


If you are you know someone in the community that needs help please contact the office.